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Like other individuals accessing health services, patients and families impacted by RTRS and cancer-related tumours require an eco-system of actors to provide, improve and ensure access to treatment.

PREVENTABLE’s stakeholders included healthcare providers, researchers, European Union Institutions and Agencies, Ministries of Health, regional health authorities, medicines agencies, civil society and industry players. Stakeholders’ geographic location and coverage may be national, European or international.

119 Stakeholders

Healthcare Providers & Researchers

Provide diagnostic, surveillance and treatment services to patients and families with an RTRS diagnosis. Simultaneously, specialist healthcare centres and care professionals not only deliver care and treatment to patients but are equally involved in genetic, oncology and other research activities. In PREVENTABLE healthcare providers include, but are not limited to, specialist clinics, university and teaching hospitals, health managers, Doctors, nurses, and geneticists.


657 Stakeholders

Governments and healthcare authorities

Decision makers and budget controllers are responsible for setting national health policies, service delivery plans, and national health programmes (including disease prevention and detection)






155 Stakeholders

Civil Society

Organisations with a charitable, and/or not-for-profit purpose representing healthcare professionals, patients, and researchers. These can include, but are not limited to. In PREVENTABLE civil society organisations include cancer organisations, research societies, alliances, associations, and federations.




13 Stakeholders


Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Medical Technology. In PREVENTABLE industry is any private sector, for-profit entity, that produces medicines or diagnostic equipment for care, treatment, prevention, and diagnosis.  Industry stakeholders can be small, and medium enterprises, and national, European, and multi-national cooperations.

13 Stakeholders

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